3 Common Conditions Solved by Shockwave Therapy

Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC, treats many patients with complaints about persistent foot and ankle aches. And we certainly understand why they’re upset: Chronic pain can significantly impact the quality of life, hampering mobility, and daily activities.

You don’t have to wonder about your options, and you shouldn’t just wait for the problem to vanish; it won’t. If you’ve been suffering persistent pain that won’t respond to more conservative treatments, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

We’re going to lay out the essential characteristics of this powerful technology, then cover a few of the conditions it can manage and resolve. Let’s get to it.

What is Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy?

  • ESWT is a non-invasive treatment that uses pulsating acoustic waves to target pain at its source.
  • It delivers strong, focused sound waves to a specific location for precise healing.
  • These waves penetrate deep into the tissues, stimulating healing and pain relief.

Conditions Treated with ESWT

These are just three of the vexing foot and ankle ailments that Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy helps:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis: This inflammation of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue supporting the arch of your foot, causes heel pain, especially in the mornings.
  2. Achilles Tendonitis: Inflammation of the Achilles tendon, connecting your calf muscles to your heel bone, leads to pain and stiffness in the back of your ankle.
  3. Shin Splints: Pain along the inner edge of the shinbone, often occurring in athletes from repetitive stress.

Benefits of ESWT

This method has some traits that make it stand out from other treatments:

  • No surgery or injections are involved, making it a comfortable option for many patients.
  • It promotes healing, stimulating blood flow, collagen production, and accelerating tissue repair.
  • It reduces pain quickly, providing significant relief and minimizing inflammation as well.
  • It enhances flexibility and range of motion, allowing you to return to your desired activities.
  • It features minimal side effects, typically limited to temporary mild redness or soreness.

ESWT is just one of the powerful technologies we utilize every day, and we hope you’ll let us show you just how effective it can be. Remember, we’re always here to help, so please feel free to contact us for an appointment. Like Dr. Michaels says:

 If it’s below the knee, think of me!