Avoid Summer Injuries from Walking Barefoot: MD Podiatrist

Dan Michaels, DPM, explained how to care for feet, what warning signs to watch for, and how to select proper shoes. “Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot more puncture wounds, meaning patients are stepping on things because they’re walking barefoot,” Dr. Michaels states. “Just in the last week or two, we’ve had quite a few patients with glass in their foot or a splinter because they’ve been walking barefoot.”
Walking barefoot in the summertime can be something people look forward to, but Elliott said it’s best to wear shoes outdoors. “You really shouldn’t do that just to avoid injury to the foot,” the podiatrist said. “Walking barefoot can expose you to viral infections like plantar warts or fungal infections like athlete’s foot or ringworm.” Even around the house, socks, slippers, or a pair of flip-flop sandals are recommended, she said. This is especially important for those with diabetes, where the foot can be less sensitive and more prone to slow-healing wounds.