Calluses Can Be Dangerous: MD Podiatrist

According to Daniel Michaels, DPM, “Calluses on the feet, be they on the toe, sole, or heel, can be dangerous. There are a multitude of treatments, methods, and approaches for minimizing the consequences of chronic skin pressure. These calluses can be treated, and often should be, so see a specialist. There are consequences to calluses”¦ they just may not be today.”
“Calluses, once an afterthought, often turn into a source of pain. This process of skin thickening has more implications than just pain. Fibrosis is scarring of the deeper layers of skin and can be intensely painful with pressure. Skin breakdown can also result at these sites. Alternatively, ulcers can develop when skin is thin and unhealthy, as in those with arterial disease. Those with heart disease are also prone to this common occurrence,” says Dr. Michaels.