Comfort Key for Footwear During the Pandemic: MD Podiatrist

For the hundreds of thousands of essential workers in fields like healthcare, food service, and education who are tasked with being on their feet for the entirety of their work shifts, shoes are second only to masks as the most important piece of garb they put on for the day. In some professions, workers can be on their feet as long as 16 hours, and coming home with sore feet is just not an option. In the midst of a pandemic, when the burden on essential workers is especially high, supportive shoes have to be an afterthought. 
“When I started [in podiatry], people would ask, “˜Is there a requirement that you wear ugly shoes?” Daniel Michaels, DPM said. Even then, the dig didn’t hurt. All that mattered was that his feet “” in a job where he was intensely aware of how bad shoes could have bad consequences “” were comfortable. “A lot of people get into podiatry because their feet hurt,” Dr. Michaels said.