Cooling Socks Can Help Hot Sleepers: MD Podiatrist

If the thought of wearing socks to bed makes you break out in a sweat, you wouldn’t be the first. Many hot sleepers find that their feet tend to overheat at night, making it difficult to get the shuteye they need. The good news? There’s a solution that one podiatrist confirms can really help keep you comfortable while you snooze: NatraCure’s Cold Therapy Socks. “Our feet play an integral role in controlling our body temperature by sensing temperature changes and sending a signal to our brain to cool down or warm up the body as needed,” explains Daniel Michaels, DPM.
While he recommends hot sleepers keep socks and covers off their feet, if you’re seeking extra relief from night sweats, Dr. Michaels says that a pair of cooling socks can be a total game changer. He adds that those with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy should avoid these kinds of socks, since their feet are unable to properly regulate temperature, leading to a chance of skin damage from overcooling.