Diabetics Need Periodic Exams to Assess Risks: MD Podiatrist

The majority of diabetics regularly check their blood sugar to make sure it stays at an acceptable level. However, they also need to check their feet just as often. Diabetes can affect the body in many ways. The longer diabetes is in place, the higher blood sugars can complicate blood flow and sensation, according to Dan Michaels, DPM. He said it is “very important” for diabetics to check their feet on a regular basis to look for sores, open wounds, or an injury that can lead to more serious issues.
“Checking feet on a routine basis is a very important aspect, to see if there is a problem,” he said. “If diabetic patients were recently diagnosed, they need to come in and get a once over, and a better understanding of what that risk is for them as an individual and to make sure everything is on point long-term is pretty important. That may mean they need to come in every two weeks to once a year. It’s all about that risk.”