Don’t Keep Nail Polish on All Summer: MD Podiatrist

If you’ve just found the perfect nail polish, you’re going to want to keep it around. But sometimes, in doing so, it’s entirely possible to keep your nail polish on for way longer than is advisable, and to immediately repaint them once it’s started to fade or chip. And while you might not think that’s a huge problem, it can be murder on your nails. “It’s not a good idea to leave nail polish continuously on your toes all summer. They need a break,” stresses doctor of podiatric medicine Dan Michaels, DPM. When you do this, the nail polish can start permeating your nails and enter their top layers, and this can dry them out fast, potentially leading to infection.
Instead, you must give your nails a break. After keeping your nail polish on for a few weeks, allow them to be bare and unpolished for a fortnight or so. This will give your nails valuable breathing time to reset themselves and regain strength and moisture.