Education Is Essential For Diabetics: MD Podiatrist

The key to preventing amputations is preventing foot ulcers. To do so, Dan Michaels, DPM, MS emphasizes patient education as the most effective way to prevent diabetic amputations and infectious foot ulcers. A board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Michaels specializes in diabetic foot complications and is an expert in limb preservation in diabetes patients. He has treated patients with diabetic foot complications for more than 30 years. 
Dr. Michaels estimates that he performs about five amputations each month that “could have been easily prevented. It is important to teach people with diabetes to be aware of and recognize the early signs that might indicate a risk of foot ulcers and infection, so that a timely medical intervention can be made,” Dr. Michaels said. “I want to let our patients know that prevention is possible once they learn about the disease.”