Feet Benefit from Shock Reducing Surfaces: MD Podiatrist

According to Daniel Michaels, DPM, “Structural changes in the feet, systemic diseases that affect the feet, and environmental factors can all lead to foot pain, and often these three factors overlap. Included in environmental factors is prolonged time on your feet. “Foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia can develop from these environmental factors. Our bodies are designed to absorb shock. We have natural padding on the bottoms of the feet for cushioning.”
But our feet are potentially exposed to a lot of stressors each day.” Aging is another factor, he points out. “As we age, the natural padding on the bottom of the feet may break down, so depending on an individual’s foot structure, health status, age, ability to absorb shock, and activity level, the type of flooring in the home can be a source of comfort or pain for the feet.” Dr. Michaels patients often tell him that they can walk on carpet without pain, but not their tiled kitchen or bathroom floors. Stone, ceramic and porcelain tile are highly durable and low maintenance, but also extremely hard.