Foot Care An Essential Part of Treating Diabetes: MD Podiatrist

Foot care is an important part of treating your diabetes. In fact, keeping an eye on your feet can help prevent major problems, including amputation. “In the diabetic patient, there are many complications involving the lower limbs,” says Dan Michaels, DPM. “The feet are important in our day-to-day lives. If something happens to them, it can impact your ability to walk, to get around, to work.”

The best way to prevent problems with your feet is to work closely with your primary care physician or diabetes specialist in managing blood sugar control,” says Dr. Michaels. “The better the control, the better your chances of proper healing or at least limited damage. With poor control, the lack of healing can lead to multiple surgeries needed to close up the skin or remove the infection.” Many people are able to manage their foot care by themselves. However, if you are losing feeling, you will need to stay in closer contact with your personal physicians and/or a podiatrist.