Foot Pronation Vital to Body Mechanics: MD Podiatrist

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “The most important joint in the foot is the subtalar joint (the STJ), which is immediately below the ankle, and is composed of the talus bone and the heel bone. This is not a simple structure, being composed of three different joint surfaces. The motion of the STJ moves the foot in three different directions relative to the leg which, taken as whole, constitute pronation and supination.”
“Too many Americans live with chronic aches and pains, many of which have a biomechanical origin. Hyperpronation is the most frequent root of these symptoms, all resulting from abnormal body mechanics. How many knee replacements could have been prevented by addressing the biomechanical origin of the knee stressors leading to cartilage degeneration? If you suffer from some similar aches and pains, maybe your problem is rooted in your foot, leg, and spine mechanics. So get evaluated and get supported: hyperpronation may be the culprit!,” says Dr. Michaels.