For Slippers, Support More Important Than Comfort: MD Podiatrist

“Slippers, although stylish and comfortable, can completely lack the support your lower extremity requires,” says Daniel Michaels, DPM. “This in effect alters your gait and can lead to an array of foot and ankle issues.” One of the most important elements of slippers for plantar fasciitis is arch support. Oftentimes, people opt for cushioned slippers due to the comfort factor. However, this won’t reduce strain on the plantar fascia if it’s not also paired with arch and heel support, Dr. Michaels says.
“Cushioning can be great for comfort,” Dr. Michaels explains. “However, it should be noted that support is key. It is the arch and heel support, and not the cushioning, provided by the footwear that is crucial in the prevention of plantar fasciitis.”