Hyperhidrosis Can Cause Peeling of the Feet: MD Podiatrist

Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating, is a genetic condition brought on by overactivity in the sympathetic nerves responsible for your fight-or-flight response, explains Dan Michaels, DPM. This also controls the sweat glands in your hands, feet, and other areas. “Moisture and darkness cause fungus to grow on your feet, and fungus causes itching and peeling of your skin.”
To battle peeling skin caused by hyperhidrosis, Dr. Michaels suggests using anti-fungal prescription medications such as Lamasil cream or Loprox Gel 77%. “There are also systematic fungal medications such as Sporanox and OTC creams such as Lotrimin and Lotrisone.” If your peeling feet are caused by this condition, it’s important to thoroughly wash and dry them daily. “If you are wearing socks, you may want to change them multiple times a day to prevent moisture build-up.”