If You Must Wear Flip-Flops, Here’s What to Look For: MD Podiatrist

Most podiatrists recommend avoiding flip-flips due to their flimsy nature. If you decide to pick up a pair regardless, you’ll want to look for a few features. Dan Michaels, DPM suggests looking for a pair with cushioning and arch support. “Flip-flops with a wide, supportive base will help reduce strain on the feet and ankles when walking or standing,” he says.
You should also examine the straps. “Make sure that the straps and any other closures fit snugly but comfortably around the foot; this will also help improve stability when walking,” Alvarez explains. Finally, look for shoes with shock absorption technology or memory foam footbeds. “These features can help reduce the impact on joints,” he says. Styles with rubber soles can give additional traction and grip on wet surfaces, which can help prevent slips and falls.