Laser Treatment Effective in Treating Onychomycosis: MD Podiatrist

Whether you consistently opt for a perfectly-polished pedicure or you prefer a more au natural look, one thing’s for sure: nobody wants discolored nails. According to Dan Michaels, DPM, while several things can negatively impact the color and texture of nails, fungus is usually the leading culprit. “Yellow or brown and thickened nails are signs of fungal nails,” he says, which are caused when a microscopic fungus infects one or more nails. 
Not just for hair removal and anti-aging, laser treatment for nails is a pain-free way to deal with certain discolorations. Laser treatment “creates micro-pores on the nail bed allowing the anti-fungal topical to penetrate into the nail plate more efficiently and effectively, attacking the source of the nail plate more directly,” says Dr. Michaels.