Leave Scalpel Removal of Calluses to a Professional: MD Podiatrist

Calluses on your feet can be thick, hard, and even painful. Depending on the severity of your calluses, you may need to head into the podiatrist’s office for proper treatment. But, if you’re able to manage them at home, you need to be careful about what tools you use. Dan Michaels, DPM, says you want to keep scalpels and pedicure knifes out of your DIY pedicure kit.
“More and more people come in stating that they have used a scalpel on themselves,” says Dr. Michaels. “Of course, some people are quite flexible and have a steady hand where they might be safe in using a scalpel blade on themselves. But due to limitations in the visibility of certain parts of the foot-for example, the outer border of the foot, the pinky side-using things like a scalpel to reduce or remove calluses can cause injury to the skin and subcutaneous tissue layers.”