Light Therapy May Offer Relief for OA of the Foot & Ankle: MD Podiatrist

Mobility can be an issue as you get older, but the problem may begin with foot pain or soreness which makes it harder to walk, stand up, or climb stairs. It can affect balance, and could involve other parts of the body such as the knees and spine. “Ignoring foot pain is often to the detriment of the patient’s life,” says Dan Michaels, DPM. “Living with it is always an option and patient choice. But there are so many non-surgical management and surgical treatment options available to patients to help them live more productive and fulfilling lives.”
Osteoarthritis is often linked to genetics or being overweight, but can also stem from a past foot or ankle injury. It damages the cartilage joint surface and can cause pain or swelling in the foot or ankle but can also harm the bones and ligaments of the affected areas. Although not a cure, light therapy can offer some relief by stimulating cells and increasing circulation. “Light therapy has some investigated medical benefits, typically from pain relief of arthritis or tendinitis,” says Dr. Michaels.