MD Podiatrist Advises Against Use of Crocs for Exercise

Crocs are considered to be comfortable enough to do many activities like exercise, but some doctors don’t recommend it. “I wouldn’t choose a Croc to wear to walk for exercise,” podiatrist Dan Michaels, DPM says. “If you’re in a situation where you do need support, you need your foot to be working optimally, then I wouldn’t choose Crocs.” In fact, she wouldn’t recommend Crocs for running or other kinds of workouts either.
According to Dr. Michaels, Crocs do not offer adequate midfoot and ankle support for strenuous workouts like walking on a treadmill, running long distances, or lifting weights. In addition, its loose fit does not make it the ideal shoe for foot protection or stability at the gym. Instead, it’s advisable that you use the appropriate workout shoe depending on what activities you’re partaking in. Think walking or running sneakers, lifting shoes, or hiking boots.