MD Podiatrist Comments on the Evolution of Patient-Specific Implants

“The technology behind patient-specific surgical implants will continue to adapt and evolve over the next decade. As we focus our attention to improving patient outcomes, it is without a doubt among the most vital aspects of biomedical engineering research in our time. These implants continue to be improved year after year. The goal for both patient and surgeon alike are less revisions and overall increased longevity of the implant,” says Dan Michaels, DPM. 
“When we hone in on the total ankle arthroplasty, for example, we find a dramatic increase in usage and success rates as the technology behind the implant continues to improve. In addition to an overall improvement in the development of patient specific implants, robotics and 3D-printed prosthesis will play a large role in improving patient outcomes. These patient specific implants will improve the biomechanics of the patient post-operatively. Patients will be able to have a much more active lifestyle and will not be inhibited by the orthopedic implant,” says Dr. Michaels.