MD Podiatrist Discusses Achilles Tendon Pain

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “Many Americans suffer from a tight Achilles tendon. This is the largest tendon in the body, with the most force running through it. When tight, it alters the function, the mechanics, of many joints, muscles, ligaments, and more. With excessive pull of the Achilles on the heel, leverage on the joint formed by the 2nd metatarsal and the nearer bone is increased. With sufficient stress, inflammation develops and pain is the result.”
“Treatments are many and varied. But when the root of the problem is your foot and leg biomechanics, the relief [from NSAIDs and steroid injections] is purely temporary. A very different approach is the precise, controlled alteration and improvement of someone’s biomechanics (the specifics of the structure, function and motion of the human body). Although technically difficult, and too often poorly done, the most practical way to do that is with the use of orthotics,” says Dr. Michaels.