MD Podiatrist Discusses Blister Care

“Blisters are essentially sterile environments that can lead to infection if they burst,” says Daniel Michaels, DPM. For a blister that has not popped, she recommends cleaning it with antiseptic and covering the area with a topical antibiotic, like Neosporin, and an adhesive bandage or soft padding (such as moleskin or a donut pad). “Avoid wearing the inciting sandals for a few days,” he said.
If your blister pops, the treatment is similar. “Clean the area with soap and water (avoid anything too caustic like hydrogen peroxide), smooth down the roof or skin flaps of the blister, and keep it covered with topical Neosporin and gauze or a Band-Aid,” Dr. Michaels said. “If the blister is painful or shows drainage that appears milky or yellow, visit with a podiatrist for further evaluation and treatment.”