MD Podiatrist Discusses Calluses

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “Calluses are one of the most common foot skin complaints experienced by people of all ages. They often become a greater problem with time, as the skin learns to make callus better, over the years. Heart function decreases so that the skin gets less blood, tissues not as healthy. The years of pressure at the site of a callus often have consequences to the tissues composing the skin. Learning how to care for a mild but consistent callus can prevent it from ever becoming a significant one.”
“They can disappear when the source of the irritation and pressure are addressed, identified, and accommodated. Whether it’s shoe modifications or prescription foot orthoses (custom arch supports), innumerable, time-tested methods for alleviating, or at least minimizing, the long-term effects of chronic calluses are available. The site of the lesion, that would be the callus, determines the most appropriate specialist to see about the condition,” says Dr. Michaels.