MD Podiatrist Discusses Causes of Sweaty Feet

Summertime means sweaty foot time. It’s just one of those things that comes with the season. But if you notice your feet are sweating a whole lot regardless of the weather, something else might be going on. “Feet, like hands, tend to get sweaty in the summer heat, especially if you’re wearing shoes or sandals with non-breathable materials, such as leather,” Daniel Michaels, DPM states.
When choosing shoes, she recommends buying those with a breathable air mesh upper or breathable rubber soles. Often, athletic shoes are a good option because they’re designed to promote airflow. If your feet are especially sweaty, you’ll want to focus on wearing socks made of moisture-wicking material. Good options include merino wool. Avoid going barefoot in shoes made of heat-trapping material (like leather), as you’ll just sweat more, Dr. Michaels says.