MD Podiatrist Discusses Compresssion Therapy for Venous Diseases According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “Compression is the mainstay of therapy for many

vein diseases. A difficult question is what type of compression, with numerous methods available, some “old school” and others hi tech. By far the most commonly prescribed method of treating the condition before there is breakdown of the skin are compression stockings. These thick, heavy stockings that go over the foot, ankle, and lower leg are made of an elasticized material which results in compression of the limb. Unfortunately, if these garments are tight enough to be effective, they are too tight for most seniors to don. If the patient is successful (usually only with assistance), the garment is not comfortable to keep on.”
“Powered pneumatic systems (think of giant socks that inflate) are available and some of them are quite effective, but if they work well, they are costly. The most exciting development in the world of venous insufficiency therapies is a new compression device, basically a sleeve for the lower leg. Velcro tabs allow the patient to control the amount of pressure on the leg. They are significantly more comfortable than prescription compression stockings and are more effective at healing the skin and reducing the swelling,” says Dr. Michaels.