MD Podiatrist Discusses Cracked Heels

Whether painful or not, cracked heels can be unsightly, especially if you are planning to wear sandals. Podiatrist Dan Michaels, DPM says, “They appear as the result of a loss in moisture in the heels and as we walk, the pressure on the heel pad causes the callus on your heels to crack. “Some of the most common causes are obesity, aging, pregnancy, diabetes, hypothyroidism, fungal infection, vitamin deficiency, and biomechanical imbalance like flat feet.”
 You might benefit from taking a multivitamin supplement, as vitamin C, E, and B deficiencies have been associated with cracked heels. Dr. Michaels recommends staying hydrated and using a pumice stone to gently file away dry skin. He says, “For chronic cracked heels that are painful to touch, make sure to see a podiatrist to help safely and effectively restore your heels.”