MD Podiatrist Discusses Dry Skin and Calluses

“Heels typically are the first areas of the feet to become dry,” states Dan Michaels. “They become hardened and even cracked open and white, gray, or scaly in appearance. By exfoliating the dead outer layers of the skin, the heels will look fresh and young again. You can exfoliate the heels with an over-the-counter peel, or you can try soaking them and using a pumice stone. If your at-home products aren’t sufficient, your podiatrist can go further with office procedures and medicated creams or lotions.”
Dr. Michaels says, “Calluses are the discrete lumps and bumps that tend to accumulate on the feet. Removing these visually reshapes the outline of your foot and reveals the healthy skin beneath. Smaller calluses can be removed with a foot file but if they’re large or tender, it’s best to have your podiatrist shave them with the proper tools.”