MD Podiatrist Discusses Factors for Best Treatment of Bunions

“Surgery is the only way to correct a bunion; however, not all bunions require surgery,” explains Daniel Michaels, DPM. “The best treatment for bunions depends on the severity of pain, medical history, how rapidly the bunion has progressed, and if pain relief can be achieved with conservative non-surgical treatment.” To put it simply, “when conservative treatment fails, surgery is recommended to help correct the misalignment of the big toe joint,” he says.
For bunions that are relatively mild but still bad enough to require surgery, treatment often involves an osteotomy, a procedure in which the surgeon cuts into the ball of the foot, realigns the tilted bone and holds it in place with screws. For more severe cases, often a surgeon will also remove part of the bone before the realignment. Unfortunately, bunions can return even after you’ve had surgery. They have an estimated recurrence rate of 25 percent.