MD Podiatrist Discusses Hammertoes

Some foot conditions aren’t really visible to the naked eye (like plantar fasciitis), but others like hammertoes are a bit more noticeable. “A hammertoe is a contracture at one of the joints in the toe. A classic hammertoe affects the proximal joint in the toe and causes it to point upwards,” podiatrist Dan Michaels, DPM says.
“Hammertoes can be caused by a number of things, but are mostly attributed to improper balance of the muscles and tendons in the foot or chronic use of inappropriate footwear (shoes that are too small or frequent use of flats and high heels),” Dr. Michaels says. “They will usually begin as a reducible deformity, meaning when you push down, the toe will lay flat. But left untreated, they will become rigid and will require more aggressive treatment,” Dr. Michaels says.