MD Podiatrist Discusses Hiking Sandals for Women

Most hiking sandals contain a mix of different materials or fabrics for different purposes or needs. Daniel Michaels, DPM, says most of the higher quality women’s hiking sandals feature some mixture of nylon, rubber, and sometimes ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Yet synthetic materials are not always as comfortable as some natural materials or may cause more slipping or blistering because they do not absorb sweat. If you’re planning on a hike where there’s no chance of getting your feet wet, leather insoles and strapping may be a good option for you.

A toe cap, or thick, rubber covering that encloses the front toe area of the sandal, may make some types of hiking more safe because it offers protection from the outside environment. “For those engaging in high intensity hiking, sandals with a toe cap may be preferred,” says Dr. Michaels.