MD Podiatrist Discusses How to Buy Socks for Boots

Going totally sockless inside a pair of boots is a terrible idea and can create ongoing problems for your feet. “Blisters may form from the constant friction between the boot and your foot; fungal infections may arise due to excessive moisture, especially between the toes; you may get skin abrasions where the boot opening rubs up against your skin; and you could experience toenail trauma from the repetitive rubbing inside the toe box,” says Dan Michaels, DPM.
Not only do you need a sock to protect your feet from the perils of boot season, but you need the right sock to ensure you stay comfortable (and blister free) throughout all 10,000 steps of your day. Dr. Michaels suggests looking for breathable materials, like cotton and merino wool, which will keep your feet warm, as well as a cushioned footbed, arch support, and seamless toes. “Any socks that lack cushioning and breathable materials are important to stay away from when wearing boots. It is important to keep your feet comfortable and dry,” he says.