MD Podiatrist Discusses How to Select Shoes for Bunions

There are plenty of common foot ailments that lead to pain, like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and high arches. Bunions, however, can be particularly painful. It has sent many people, primarily women, to the podiatrist’s office, as Dan Michaels, DPM can attest. The good news is that, according to Dr. Michaels, with early intervention, it is possible to avoid bunions. That means obtaining proper foot support with the best shoes for bunions.

“A good corrective shoe will stabilize the foot,” Michaels advises. That means look for qualities like arch support, as well as proper cushioning to stay comfortable. One of the biggest keys for bunion sufferers is to look for a wide shoe fit and a roomy toe box. “Avoid straight or narrow toe beds,” Michaels warns, which can result in painful friction.