MD Podiatrist Discusses Invisible Screws in the Foot and Ankle

“If you ever had orthopedic surgery that required a metal implant in your body, you probably wished there was something made out of a material that is more similar to bone. You probably had many concerns about the metal implant. Is it safe for it to be living under your skin? Will it need to be removed, and what if it loosens? These are all common and valid concerns about orthopedic metal implants. Over the last four years, OSSIOfiber® technology has released several types of implant fixation devices which incorporate into your own bone with nothing left behind,” says Daniel Michaels, DPM.
According to Dr. Michaels “OSSIOfiber® Intelligent Bone Regeneration Technology is a breakthrough in fixation material that provides the first credible solution to the shortcomings of permanent metal hardware, conventional resorbable and allograft implants, combining unparalleled mechanical strength and natural bone healing in a non-permanent implant. Made from a proprietary mineral fiber matrix held together by a naturally degradable polymer, its bio-integrative material properties provide surgeons with a more biologically friendly way to restore patient stability and mobility while leaving nothing permanent behind.”