MD Podiatrist Discusses Kansas City Quarter Back’s Turf Toe

Patrick Mahomes’ injury report for the remainder of the post-season included his well-documented concussion but also a left turf toe injury he had suffered earlier in the same playoff victory over Cleveland. Mahomes recovered from the concussion. No such luck with the turf toe. On Wednesday, he had the injury surgically repaired, which is rarely a necessity, perhaps because the diagnosis is so generic, synonymous with the mechanism of the injury rather than severity of the tissue actually damaged. 
Usually, the damage is not severe enough to require victims to go under the knife, according to Dan Michaels, DPM. “They typically do well with conservative treatment,” he said. “People fail to appreciate, when you are talking about professional athletes, you are talking about a difference in milliseconds,” he said in reference to success or failure. “Little things matter a great deal, not only physically but mentally.” Upon recovery from the surgery, which usually requires 12-16 weeks, Dr. Michaels expects Mahomes to have recovered those milliseconds and his confidence.