MD Podiatrist Discusses Minimalist Running Shoes

Many serious runners swear by ultra-cushioned running shoes, which they claim offer an incredibly comfortable stride. But some believe that the less cushioning and support there is, the better. Enter the best minimalist running shoes. The concept behind minimalist shoes for running is that they can help your ankles and feet get stronger, promoting overall lower body strength and stability. Strengthening the muscles in your feet can also help to protect from injuries up the chain. They also have a zero-drop sole, meaning that your heel and forefoot are at the same distance from the ground, promoting a natural running form.
“They’ll definitely be lighter weight and will have very little to no support, but they still have a good sole to protect you from the ground,” says Dan Michaels, DPM. Because they’re designed not to hinder your foot’s natural movement, minimalist shoes can be great for those with plantar fasciitis or neutral feet. But, for those who are used to running in a traditional, somewhat cushioned shoe, it will take some adjusting.