MD Podiatrist Discusses Morton’s Neuroma

According to Daniel Michaels, DPM, “Morton’s neuroma is often caused by shoes that are too tight or that have high heels. These shoes can cause the nerves in your feet to become compressed or irritated. The irritated nerve thickens and gradually becomes more painful as a result of the pressure on it. Another possible cause of Morton’s neuroma is a foot or gait abnormality, which can lead to instability and can also put pressure on a nerve in your foot. Many common foot deformities like flat feet, bunions, and hammertoes are often present when Morton’s neuroma is diagnosed.”
“If your pain persists, your doctor may try injections of corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory drugs into the area of pain. A local anesthetic injection may also be used to numb the affected nerve. That may help relieve your pain temporarily. Alcohol sclerosing injections are another remedy that may provide short-term pain relief. And finally surgical excision is an option, however not the primary treatment,” says Dr. Michaels.