MD Podiatrist Discusses New Methods for Closing Chronic Wounds

Accodring to Dan Michaels, DPM, “Chronic wounds represent a silent epidemic that affects a large percentage of the world population. 6.5 million Americans have these painful lesions. Some exciting new technologies have allowed us to heal wounds we once thought unsalvageable, especially those due to inadequate blood flow. For several years, I have utilized a unique form of electric stimulation which causes tiny blood vessels to open up, delivering more blood to some body part deprived of sufficient quantities.”
“One of the most successful new techniques utilizes the principles of regenerative medicine, involving the use of amniotic tissues from a placenta. These provide abundant and authentic growth factors, which recruit stem cells to the area. These are cells capable of forming any kind of tissue, including new skin. These products have been a tremendous addition to our tool bag of therapies for closing non-healing wounds,” says Dr. Michaels.