MD Podiatrist Discusses “Pandemic Foot”

Most of us take our feet for granted until there’s a problem. And during COVID, podiatrists say they’ve seen a big increase in all kinds of foot issues. It’s being called “pandemic foot.” “Most of the time, unless you’re having a problem, you do forget about your feet,” said Dan Michaels, DPM.  

“During the pandemic, people were doing things they weren’t accustomed to doing. They were working from home, walking barefooted at home, not wearing shoes, doing exercise programs that they just weren’t ready for,” Schwartz said. Like thousands of doctors around the country, he has seen many more patients during the pandemic, mainly from people not wearing shoes around the house. “And it’s all because of lack of support. They’re walking around the house barefooted, you know, with slippers or, God forbid, flip-flops, and that has created all kinds of issues,” Dr. Michaels said.