MD Podiatrist Discusses Plantar Fasciitis

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “podiatry is a gateway to other health concerns, being proper alignment from the ground up helps out your back, can affect different conditions. If you can’t be active, then you can’t exercise. You can’t maintain your cardiovascular health. So having good foot health, in general, is important for your overall well-being.” 
“One condition in particular is plantar fasciitis, and this is a condition which can result from overuse, from a tight ligament on the bottom of your foot, which supports your arch. And when your foot arch is not adequately supported and your arch collapses, this ligament is tight, it causes tearing or ripping of this ligament. And this results in inflammation and the pain that results can be debilitating. So it’s very important, in general, to wear good arch supports, good foot supports,” says Dr. Michaels.