MD Podiatrist Discusses Pros and Cons of Foam Clogs

The pros: “Because they are so spacious, foam clogs are a comfortable and convenient option for those who have foot deformities such as hammertoes, foot swelling, or pain from an injury. The cushiony feel is a welcome reprieve for those with arch or foot pain. They’re also a great choice for a day at the pool or beach, as the rubber sole offers protection against hot sand or pavement,” says Daniel Michaels, DPM.

The cons: “Foam clogs might be great to take the dog out or go get the mail, but from a podiatry perspective, they are lacking in providing adequate support. Wearing them for a 10-12-hour workday, when you are mostly on your feet for extended lengths of time, can cause complications such as tendonitis, nail issues, blisters, foot pain or corns/calluses. I would not recommend them for playing sports, exercising or wearing for long periods of time,” says Dr. Michaels.