MD Podiatrist Discusses Recovery Footwear

“Foot recovery in general is an increasingly popular concept with products including foot massage tools, recovery socks, and now recovery footwear,” Dan Michaels, DPM said. “Recovery footwear often includes arch support, cushioning and…softer fabrics intended to allow the feet to take a break.” Dr. Michaels also observed that you don’t always have to be an athlete to benefit from recovery shoes. If you’re someone who walks a lot or has been on your feet all day, you could also slip into a pair of these shoes.

“Many people choose to wear recovery footwear due to foot fatigue or foot pain, so it does not always have to be associated with after strenuous activity such as exercise,” she said. “Rather, it’s how the individual is using the shoes,” he pointed out. “If normally a person wears no support or flat shoes, then putting on something with an arch support and cushion may be perceived as a form of recovery from the constant stress they put their feet through.”