MD Podiatrist Discusses the Benefits of Compression Socks

“The major benefits of wearing compression socks is reduction of swelling to the lower legs,” explains podiatrist Daniel Michaels, DPM. This helps with leg fatigue and pain, and can aid in preventing leg wounds in people who have medical issues like diabetes or poor circulation. “It happens by encouraging the blood to circulate back up to the heart and not to ‘pool’ in legs and feet,” Dr. Michaels explains. And if you invest in some of the best compression socks, they will certainly be useful while exercising, during recovery, and just for day-to-day life.
The people who can reap the most perks from compression socks are those who spend a lot of time on their feet, pregnant people, and people with superficial varicose veins, says Dr. Michaels, adding that both adults and children can benefit during physical activity. That said, if you have arterial circulation problems (arteries bringing oxygenated blood from heart and lungs to the body), thin and brittle skin, or wounds, compression should be avoided. Dr. Michaels recommends consulting a medical professional prior to starting any treatment protocols. “If you have very swollen legs, poor circulation, diabetes, severe varicose veins, etc., see your doctor for guidance and possibly a prescription version of compression stockings,” he says.