MD Podiatrist Discusses the Benefits of Compression Stockings

Studies suggest that compression socks can help reduce muscle damage and inflammation, especially after a big physical feat like a marathon. “Compression socks place constant pressure on the legs to prevent the accumulation of fluid; the compression is thought to help the blood circulate better which allows more oxygen to get to the tissues,” says Daniel Michaels, DPM. “Many of my runner patients swear by them, stating that they reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, which in turn produces a faster recovery.”
Outside of post-workout recovery, women who are pregnant and people with certain health conditions, like those who have diabetes or those who have suffered from deep vein thrombosis (DVT), can also benefit from wearing compression socks to help reduce their risk of developing blood clots and swelling in the feet and legs. As a podiatric surgeon, Dr. Michaels is on her feet all day, so he likes to wear compression socks underneath his scrubs. They definitely make my feet and legs feel much less tired,” he says. However, he doesn’t recommend compression socks for people with certain heart conditions, like congestive heart failure and arterial disease.