MD Podiatrist Discusses the Importance of Wearing the Right Running Socks

“The right socks are really important,” explains Dan Michaels, DPM. “Even more so for people [who are] running… due to the increase in load going through your feet and the amount of sweat your feet produce.” And that’s not all ““ poor sock choices can put your feet at risk of other issues. “The wrong socks can cause blisters, as they’re not stopping excess friction,” Dr. Michaels states. “A sock that’s too tight can contribute to leg cramps, cut off circulation, or cause a wound.

If socks aren’t made of the right materials [such as moisture-wicking bamboo or polyester], they can increase the risk of developing tinea, dermatitis, and other skin/fungal problems and cause the feet to smell. If socks are too thin, blisters may occur. If socks are too thick, shoes can become tight, causing corns, ingrown toenails, and pain.” A balance between cushioning and comfort is key, adds Dr. Michaels, pointing out that a more cushioned sock will be thicker and make shoes feel tighter, so you’ll need to compromise on less padding to avoid “pain, swelling, and injury to the toenails.”