MD Podiatrist Discusses the Use of Epsom Salts

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “Scientifically-speaking, we cannot say that soaking in Epsom salts really does anything. Maybe more important to the benefits of Epsom salt soaks is the associated use of moist heat, which has a long and well-researched history of positive health consequences. Hydrotherapy is a widely used treatment for acute or chronic trauma, as well as in rehabilitation. It has also been used to prevent diseases in healthy people.”
“Sometimes these remedies work because there’s a placebo effect. The placebo effect is a real thing and potentially quite powerful. When it comes to Epsom salt soaks, there just isn’t enough clinical studies to support it. Consequently, a definitive conclusion, backed up by well-constructed research, that Epsom salts are effective in treating any of the conditions it is credited with, is not yet available. But if it feels good why not, since it’s not going to hurt you, as long as more definitive treatment isn’t ignored as a result,” says Dr. Michaels