MD Podiatrist Discusses Tinea Pedis

Athlete’s foot-also known as tinea pedis-is a fungal infection that’s at times painful, persistent, and highly contagious. “Fungal organisms like hot, wet, moist places, which makes shoes and socks the perfect breeding ground for athlete’s foot,” explains Dan Michaels, DPM. 
Luckily, most cases of athlete’s foot are treatable with an over-the-counter cream, spray, or powder. Dr. Michaels recommends a quick-drying antifungal spray or a powder if you don’t have time to wait before putting on your socks and shoes, noting that messier, topical ointments work best when you are able to let your feet air out. Most importantly, Dr. Michaels says, it’s vital to see a podiatrist if the problem doesn’t begin to clear within a couple of weeks of treating it with an OTC product.