MD Podiatrist Discusses Toe Spacers and Separators

Podiatrist Dan Michaels, DPM recently talked about toe spacers and separators and what they can – and can’t – do for you. Dr. Michaels says choosing a toe spacer or toe separator comes down to comfort and the problem you’re looking to fix. “In general, I like the pads that are made of silicone because they’re spongy but keep their shape well. Most of the time, those are reusable, too, so you’re not throwing them out every time you use them,” Dr. Michaels says. “I also usually recommend an open-toe pad. Anything that closes over your toes won’t let your toes breathe as much.” 
The thing to remember is that most toe spacers aren’t going to reverse any damage that has been done, Dr. Michaels notes. The exception: A specialized device that’s worn outside of shoes, while resting your feet. A common example is the brand Yoga Toes®. “Toe spacers that are meant to be worn in your shoes are like eyeglasses,” Dr. Michaels says. “These devices will work while they’re on, but they’re not correcting a problem at its root. When you take your glasses off, your vision hasn’t changed. It’s the same with toe separators and spacers. They won’t have a lasting effect on your feet.”