MD Podiatrist Discusses Transitioning Kids from Winter to Spring Sports

Dan Michaels, DPM talked about how important it is to see your podiatrist when parents notice any sort of lower extremity pain including but not limited to hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain. “Many orthopedic problems in kids, especially athletes, stem from poor foot biomechanics. Looking at the child’s foot type and assessing its impact on biomechanics is essential to injury prevention and overall performance,” said MIchaels. 
“Stretching is so important, even for kids, to get ready for spring sports. Along with bodily growth where the muscles are trying to keep up with the bones, the cold weather can tighten muscles. Spring sports aren’t always played in warm weather and so stretching becomes absolutely key. Wear patterns of shoes can not only have a deleterious effect on gait but also can often negate many important biomechanics corrections if a child wears an orthotic, said Dr. Michaels.”