MD Podiatrist Discusses Treatment of Ingrown Toenails

According to Dan Michaels, DPM, “The simple ingrown nail can lead to serious problems, even amputation. Because diabetes results in impaired immune function, any infection can have dire consequences. Adding to this is the gradual neuropathy that occurs with this ubiquitous disease. The diabetic with some neuropathy often won’t perceive pain from an infection and so will do nothing. Ingrown nails have led to too many amputations, an unnecessary consequence.”
“By far the most common method of narrowing the nail is with application of an acid, which has the effect of burning whatever it comes in contact with. Consequently, healing is often slow and messy, with recurrence of the treated nail common. A well-established method of soft tissue surgery, radio-waves provide tremendous benefits in nail surgery. With this technology, no tissue is burned, resulting in shorter healing times. Also important, the success rate is extremely high, meaning the edge almost never grows back.” says Dr. Michaels.