MD Podiatrist Discusses What to Look for in a Supportive Sandal

When it comes to durable and supportive sandals, you’re either team Teva or team Birkenstock and, according to podiatrists, rightfully so. “Generally speaking, Birkenstocks are comfortable and supportive,” says Dan Michaels, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist. Compared to other sandals, Dr. Michaels says that Birkenstocks have a more unique footbed with a ridge under the toes, which some find incredibly comfortable.
When it comes to shopping for the most supportive sandal styles, Dr. Michaels says to look for a sandal with ankle straps to provide added support and stability. “Straps are very beneficial as they allow for a better fit and can therefore make for more comfortable walking.” While not all of their styles feature an ankle strap, Birkenstock and Teva both have sandal styles with ankle straps for proper support, stability, and comfort. In addition to straps, Dr. Michaels also says to look at the outsole and ensure that there is enough traction to prevent slipping (which is especially important if wearing them around the pool).