MD Podiatrist Discussses Buying Running Shoes for Treadmills

Whether you’re an avid runner or just like to zone out on the treadmill while getting some movement in, the right pair of running shoes can really make or break your workout. “You want to make sure that the running shoes you select offer the correct amount of support, and also that they provide more shock absorption,” says podiatrist Dan Michaels, DPM. “Essentially, the treadmill is a high-impact surface, which means that you need shoes that will be able to reduce the heavy impact from running on it, which will help prevent injuries.”
“If you’re unsure how you run, it’s also possible to get a gait analysis done from your doctor,” adds Dr. Michaels. “This can help you determine which part of your foot gets the most shock when you work out, and can help you choose the best shoe for you.”